Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Donations are pouring in...

Donations  for the Cambodian Monk Re-integration so far recieved:

Thank you to :
Herman and Josee Jansen- $500
Matt Anderson- $50
Richard Narain- $200 + 1 Laptop
Beth Cox- 1 Dell Laptop
Tim Hilliard- $25


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finding inspiration

Burmese Flag

Tamil Tigers Emblem

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Asking you to donate any old digital camera's they have to be sent into Burma to document human rights abuses.

Please Donate to this address and send you Cameras to this address:

Burma Campaign UK
28 Charles Sq
London N1 6HT

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wage Discrimination Bill Passed


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Cambodian Children's Fund

Cambodian Children's Fund was founded by Hollywood film executive Scott Neeson, who travelled to Cambodia on holiday in early 2003 and found his life changed by the desperate circumstances and unlikely courage of Phnom Penh's most impoverished children.

After a 26 year-career in the film business, including tenure as president of 20th Century Fox International and a similar position with Sony Pictures International, Scott exited the industry to establish and oversee CCF.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vietnam War Remnants Museum

Bomb used in the 70's
Agent Orange

Pics from my visit to the War Remnants Museum in Vietnam DEC 2009


The Cambodian School Brochure of Classes

I'm currently trying to raise enough money to help 3 former monks re-integrate back into Cambodian society and gain valuable skills in order to get jobs and help their community and family

Contact me at : amandanarain@gmail.com for information on how to donate!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Khmi Monks need your help!-- The meeting of the Monks

Cambodia’s education and health care systems were completely destroyed during the Khmer Rouge Genocide and Cambodia has been unable to make significant gains in rebuilding.
Siem Reap it self is one of the poorest in the Cambodia with over 75% of the poor people living in dire poverty.

This is my travelling sh*t right here!...it was a "good" morning sunrise indeed everyday for me travelling with Thera the monk!
Morning Sunrise- Weldon Irvine

Introducing the Khmi Monks, I met.
One of whom I travelled with to Angkor Wat, who enlightened me mentally, physically and hygienically

3 of them have since decided to leave the monastery to re-integrate back into society, due to family illnesses and the need to support their aging parents but being Khmi monks for many years, they have acquired no material wealth and are currently homeless and at poverty level.
They became monks in the first place because their families were so poor, they were given away to the monks in the monastery because their families could not feed or take care of them anymore.

I took a 10 hr bus ride wit one of the 3 monks and he saved all the food I bought him and the bread the bus company gave him to eat, for the homeless children we would soon encounter when we reached our destination in Siem Reap.
And everyday that we went to tourist spots, he would find some sort of change or money to give the amputee beggars that were begging tourists for money. At times I did not give yet he found a way to give.

The proof of Bank Receipt sent to me by one of the monks after I gave him $240 dollars towards his Tuition and asked him to open a bank account so that I can continue to send financial support.

$8/ month will feed a monk while he re- integrates into society and goes to school to learn a trade in order to live in Cambodian society and help his family.

$20/month will pay his room rent until he can become self sufficient in society

$200/year will pay his University Tuition for one year.

$300 for a used laptop to help him study.

or a used or old lap top donated to help him study will mean the world

Cambodia is kingdom of extreme poverty and donating is always a good thing but helping the spiritually rich to attain a level of ability so that they may in turn help their own society could only benefit us all as human beings---anda*

So I'm asking you to please give.
Email me at amandanarain@gmail.com if you have money or an old computer you would like to donate.

In the monastery his living quarters was have been similarly simple but better hygiene, he had to leave the monastery to take care of his ailing father and wants to offer his liver to his father but the doctors wouldn't permit it medically as his father is approaching death and has limited time to live.

The living quarters of the first monk to leave the monastery due to his father having liver cancer that I am sponsoring. He sleeps on a wooden bench in shack with no electricity or running water to bathe.
For a man of extreme hygiene and mental elevation, I could see the torture in his eyes of having to live like this.

I have personally so far contributed $240 u.s dollars towards one of their University fee for $ 400 u.s for 2 years and $20 u.s to eat and rent a room. I will be setting up a fund to help these three brothers re-integrate back into society and pay their education perhaps as donations/ sponsorships or micro- loans.

If you are interested in donating an old computer or money please contact me at amandanarain@gmail.com and I will give you details to deposit money.
They plan to study IT at a city school University in Phnom Penh will provide me with all registration and tuition receipts as proof of donations going to the right cause.

So I'm asking you to please give.

They approached me in peace!

This young Khmi insisted on making me a sister bracelet on the beach after he learned I was going to help the monks. His English was not enough to explain what he was doing even as I prompted him. He had made me a red and black one and after hearing that my fave colours were yellow and tourquoise, he made a second one exactly in my fave colours.

I must be a Cambodian Girl #3

The 3rd time my Guyanese heritage crossed continents to be mistaken for a local!

Welcome to my 2 week so trekking thru Vietnam and Cambodia

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE TONS OF POSTS THAT ARE ON THE "OLDER POSTS" LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE--for my "cambodian gurrl" experience and meeting of the monks

The foods of my Travel

Cao Lau- a Hoi An , specialty in Vietnam-- chewy noodles made from fresh well water
Cao Lau with fresh coconut water

Vietnamese infused Caesar Salad
Vietnamese Espresso with Hoi An banana leaf sweet cake

Vietnamese Espresso with condensed milk and yogurt
Vietnamese Espresso and Hoi An Banana Leaf cake
Banana Leaf Steamed Fish with Cream of Pumpkin Soup and Lotus Tea

My time at the Vietnamese Orphanage

I had the privilege of doing what I've always wanted to do for the Xmas season and my wish came true as I had the opportunity to go to a Vietnamese Orphanage to meet 150 little angels ranging from the ages 5-13, and 4 of whom I sponsored, in the orphanage in the Cuchi District of Vietnam.
Early on a Sunday morning at 730am I along with my friend Ann and her boyfriend who are both residents of Ho Chi Minh city joined a bus load of 30 other people with gifts of all calibre in red shoe boxes and took a hour trip to the countryside to the orphanage.
I've attached pics for you to see.
The Orphanage currently houses 300 children who have been orphaned due to many reasons, some being that they were born mentally handicapped.and possibly abandoned.
When we arrived we could hear from way down the road, squeals of delight and excitement as they started seeing us arrive with the special red boxes and foreign faces.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Feeding the Khmi Street kids

There are 3 little kids I met in the Market of Siem Reap that I saw sleeping on the street and hussling tourists for money. Instead of handing money I took them for a meal of fried rice and iced water.

Hoi An- Vietnam

Bike Riding in Hoi An Village
Hoi An Grandma
Hoi An street-- houses reminded me of a cross between the french quarter and spanish villas
Hoi An veggie market

Fair Trade Shop I Found
Hoi An Resident
Bike Riding my life away

My Hoi An sanctuary